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Some years ago we were approached by a friend with a plaintive plea: 'I've written this novel and it's here on a floppy disk, it's been finished for two years - is there anything you could do to help get it published?'. This was at a time when the self publishing industry was in its infancy but there was a new startup company in the United States (www.lulu.com) which was offering a free self publishing service to authors wanting to get their work published and into print. After investigating this company we published the book for our friend. He stills remembers his delight at holding the printed copy of his work - click on this link to see the very first book which Rossendale Books published. Since then, we've gone on to help many other authors from around the world to self publish their work, mainly in the English language but also in Polish, German, Russian and Italian. Our main books now are either Novels, Poetry, Memoirs, Family History and Christianity but we have also helped authors to publish their Short Stories, Plays, History, Textbooks, Theses and Dissertations, Guide Books, Foreign Languages, Translations and Sporting History.


As we were from a town called Bacup in the Rossendale Valley, we decided to call our self publishing service by the name Rossendale Books. The main towns in the Rossendale Valley are Bacup (pronounced 'bakeup'), Rawtenstall ('rottenstall'!) and Haslingden, once proud cotton towns but now areas of light industry: the coal mines, slipper works and textile mills have long since passed away. There are still websites, however, dedicated to preserving the memories of those bygone days: Bacup Times website


If you use internet search engines to find negative comments about Rossendale Books we think you'll be disappointed. This is no accident as we strive to please our authors in everything we do to get their work published. You, too, could join our growing band of satisfied authors.


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